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England National Football Team Match No. 789

Korea Republic 1 England 1 [0-1]

Tuesday, 21 May 2002

Match Summary and Report


Match Summary

Status: Friendly match.
Venue: Jeju World Cup Stadium, Seogwipo-si, capacity 42,256.
Attendance: 39,876
Goals: England - Michael Owen, 25th min.
Korea Republic -Park Ji-Sung , 66th min.
Cautions: None.
Expulsions: None.
Officials: Referee - Ahmad Khalidi Supian, 41 (27-Jan-1961), Malaysia, FIFA-listed 2001.
Assistant Referees -Artimi Abdullah & K. Kadir Bacha, both Malaysia
Fourth Official - Jung Chut Kwon, Korea
Conditions: Kickoff at 11:00 a.m. BST, 7:00 p.m. local time.
Miscellany: -


Korea Republic


Goal Attempts - -
Attempts on Target - -
Hit Bar/Post - -
Corner Kicks Won - -
Offside Calls Against - -
Fouls Conceded - -
Time of Possession - -


Korea Republic Team


40th in FIFA ranking of 15th May 2002; 32nd in Elo world ranking before this match and 32nd after this match.

Colours: Red shirts with white side panels and trim, denim blue shorts, red socks; made by Nike.
Coach: Guus Hiddink, 55, appointed January 2001,
31st match, W 11 - D 11 - L 9 - F 35 - A 36.
Captain: Hong Myung-Bo.

Korea Republic Lineup

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
1-Woon-Jae, Lee 26-Apr-1973 29 G Suwon Samsung Bluewings FC 33 0 1994-active
20-Myung-Bo, Hong 12-Feb-1969 33 D Pohang Steelers FC 126 9 1990-active
4-Jin-Cheul, Choi


31 D

Chonbuk Hyundai Motors FC

17 1 1997-active
21- Ji-Sung, Park 25-Feb-1981 21 M Kyoto Purple Sanga FC, Japan 32 2 2000-active
5-Nam-Il, Kim, sub off 89th min. 14-Mar-1977 25 M Chunnam Dragons CFC 22 1 1998-active
6-Sang-Chul, Yoo 18-Oct-1971 30 M Kashiwa Reysol FC, Japan 94 15 1994-active
22-Chong-Gug, Song 20-Feb-1979 23 M

Busan I. Cons FC

29 2 2000-active
8-Tae-Uk, Choi, sub off 75th min. 13-Mar-1981 21 F

Anyang LG Cheetahs FC, Japan

18 4 2000-active
9-Ki-Hyeon, Seol, sub off 55th min. 08-Jan-1979 23 F RSC Anderlecht, Belgium 32 7 2000-active
10-Young-Pyo, Lee 23-Apr-1977 25 M

Anyang LG Cheetahs FC, Japan

50 3 1999-active
14-Chun-Soo, Lee 09-Jul-1981 20 F Ulsan Hyundai Horang-i FC 24 4 2000-active

Korea Republic Substitutes

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
19-Jung-Hwan, Ahn, sub on 55th min. for Ki-Hyeon 16-Feb-1976 26 M

AC Perugia, Italy

21 4 1999-active
16-Du-Ri, Cha, sub on 75th min. for Tae-Uk 25-Jul-1980 21 F Korea University FC 14 1 2001-active
15-Min-Sung, Lee, sub on 89th min. for Nam-Il 23-Jun-1973 28 D Busan I. Cons FC 54 2 1995-active


Woon-Jae -
Chong-Gug, Jin-Cheul, Myung-Bo, Young-Pyo -
Nam-Il (Min-Sung), Ji-Sung -
Sang-Chul, Tae-Uk (Du-Ri), Chun-Soo -
Ki-Hyeon (Jung-Hwan).

Not Used:
2-Hyun Young-Min, 3-Choi Sung-Yong, 7-Kim Tae-Young, 11-Choi Yong-Soo, 12-Kim Byung-Ji, 13-Lee Eul-Yong, 17-Yoon Jong-Hwan, 18-Hwang Sun-Hong, 23-Choi Eun-Song.

England Team


12th in FIFA ranking of 15th May 2002; 7th in Elo world ranking before this match and 7th after this match.

Colours: White shirts with red stripe down left side, white shorts with red stripe down right side, white socks - The "2001" home shirt.
Coach: Sven-Göran Eriksson, 54, appointed 31 October 2000, took post 12 January 2001, 
14th match,
W 8 - D 4 - L 2 - F 31 - A 12.
Captain: MIchael Owen, 2nd captaincy.

England Lineup

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
13-Martyn, A. Nigel, sub off 46th min. 11-Aug-1966 35 G

Leeds United AFC

22 0 1992-2002
2-Mills, Daniel J., sub off 68th min. 18-May-1977 25 D Leeds United AFC 6 0 2001-2004
3-Cole, Ashley, sub off 46th min. 20-Dec-1980 21 D Arsenal FC 8 0 2001-active
4-Murphy, Daniel B., sub off 46th min. 18-Mar-1977 25 M Liverpool FC 4 1 2001-2003
5-Ferdinand, Rio G., sub off 46th min. 07-Nov-1978 23 D Leeds United AFC 21 0 1997-active
6-Campbell, Sulzeer J., sub off 46th min. 18-Sep-1974 27 D Arsenal FC 45 0 1996-active
18-Hargreaves, Owen L. 20-Jan-1981 21 M FC Bayern München AG, Germany 5 0 2001-active
8-Scholes, Paul, sub off 46th min. 16-Nov-1974 27 M Manchester United FC 43 13 1997-2004
20-Vassell, Darius 13-Jun-1980 21 F Aston Villa FC 4 1 2001-2004
10- Owen, Michael J., sub off 46th min. 14-Dec-1979 22 F Liverpool FC 35 16 1998-active
11-Heskey, Emile W.I. 11-Jan-1978 24 F

Liverpool FC

23 3 1999-active

England Substitutes

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
14-Bridge, Wayne M., sub on 46th min. for A. Cole 05-Aug-1980 21 D Southampton FC 4 0 2001-active
15-Keown, Martin R., sub on 46th min. for Campbell 24-Jul-1966 35 D Arsenal FC 42 2 1992-2002
16-Southgate, Gareth, sub on 46th min. for Ferdinand 03-Sep-1970 31 D

Middlesbrough FC

48 1 1995-active
17-Sheringham, Edward P., sub on 46th min. for Owen 02-Apr-1966 36 F Tottenham Hotspur FC 46 11 1993-2002
19-Cole, Joseph J., sub on 46th min. for Scholes 08-Nov-1981 20 M West Ham United FC 5 0 2001-active
22-James, David B., sub on 46th min. for Martyn 01-Aug-1970 31 G West Ham United FC 8 0 1997-active
24-Sinclair, Trevor L., sub on 46th min. for Murphy 02-Mar-1973 29 M West Ham United FC 4 0 2001-2003
12-Brown, Wesley M., sub on 68th min. for Mills 13-Oct-1979 21 D Manchester United FC 5 0 1999-active


Martyn (James) -
Mills (Brown), Ferdinand (Southgate), Campbell (Keown), A Cole (Bridge) -
Murphy (Sinclair), Hargreaves, Scholes (J Cole) -

Not Used:
1-David Seaman, 9-Robbie Fowler, 21-Nicky Butt.

Match Report




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