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England National Football Team Match No. 780

Greece 0 England 2 [0-0]

Wednesday, 6 June 2001

Greece Pre-Match


Greece Squad for the Match against Albania & England June 2001
Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G
Alexandris, Alexandros 21-Oct-1968 32 F Olympiakos Piraeus CFP 39 10
Basinas, Angelos 03-Jan-1976 25 M Panathinaikos FC 19 2
Charisteas, Angelas 09-Feb-1980 21 F FC Aris Thessaloniki 4 3
Dabizas, Nikolaos 03-Aug-1973 27 D Newcastle United FC, England 43 0
Eleftheropoulos, Dimitris 07-Aug-1976 25 G Olympiakos Piraeus CFP 10 0

Dimitris Eleftheropoulos withdrew from the squad before the Albania match because of injury.

Fyssas, Panayiotis 12-Jun-1973 27 D Panathinaikos FC 3 0
Georgiadis, Georgios S. 08-Mar-1972 30 M FC PAOK Thessaloniki 35 10

Georgios Georgiadis was suspended for the England match after incurring a second caution in the competition in the Albania match.

Giannakopoulos, Stelios 12-Jul-1974 26 M Olympiakos Piraeus CFP 12 3
Goumas, Yannis 24-May-1975 25 D Panathinaikos FC 15 0
Karagounis, Georgios 06-Mar-1977 24 M Panathinaikos FC 9 0
Katergiannakis, Theofanis 16-Feb-1974 27 G FC Aris Thessaloniki 6 0
Konstantinidis, Konstantinos 31-Aug-1972 28 M Hertha BSC Berlin, Germany 29 1

Konstantinos Konstantinidis withdrew from the squad before the Albania match because of injury.

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G
Konstantinidis, Pantelis 16-Aug-1975 25 M FC PAOK Thessaloniki 10 0
Lakis, Vassilis 10-Sep-1976 24 M AEK Athens 9 2
Lymberopoulos, Nikos 04-Aug-1975 25 F Panathinaikos FC 32 7
Machlas, Nikos


27 F Amsterdamsche Football
Club Ajax, Netherlands
53 17
Mavrogenidis, Dimitris


24 D Olympiakos Piraeus CFP 23 1
Nikopolidis, Antonis 14-Oct-1971 29 G Panathinaikos FC 13 0
Ouzounidis, Marinos 10-Oct-1968 32 D Paniliakos FC 49 4
Patsatzoglou, Christos 19-Mar-1979 22 D Olympiakos Piraeus CFP 9 0

Christos Patsatzoglou was suspended for the England match after incurring a second caution in the competition in the Albania match.

Venetidis, Stelios 19-Nov-1976 24 D FC PAOK Thessaloniki 18 0

Venetidis withdrew from the squad just before the England match because of injury.

Vokolos, Leonidas 31-Aug-1970 30 D Panathinaikos FC 4 1
Vryzas, Vizis 09-Nov-1973 27 F AC Perugia, Italy 21 3
Zagarakis, Theodoros 27-Oct-1971 29 M AEK Athens 58 0
Zikos, Andreas 01-Jun-1974 26 M AEK Athens 14 0

Andreas Zikos was added to the squad by late call before the Albania match but walked out of the squad after that match, unhappy about lack of playing time.

All information includes Greece's match against Albania.


Wednesday, 16 May 2001 - Greece coach Vasilis Daniil, announced  a 24-player squad for the two World Cup 2002 home preliminary matches against Albania on 2 June and England on 6 June.  Newcastle United defender Nikos Dabizas returned to the squad after a long-term injury.  Ajax striker Nikos Machlas and Paniliakos defender Marinos Ouzounidis also have returned to the squad.  Perugia forward Zisis Vrizas has been recalled after a highly successful season in Serie A.  The squad is without Olympiakos defender Grigoris Georgatos, who withdrew himself from selection  because he felt he was not psychologically fit to play as a result of his anguish over his club side's loss in the Greek cup final, and the country's finest striker, Themistoklis ("Demis") Nikolaidis of AEK Athens, who has boycotted the national side for the past 18 months in protest against alleged corruption in Greek football.

Saturday, 26 May 2001 - Greece's top goalkeeper Dimitris Eleftheropoulos will miss the World Cup preliminary matches against Albania on 2 June and England on 6 June because of a knee injury which has caused him severe pain, according to a statement issued by his club side, Olympiakos.  National team coach Vasilis Daniil will use his second-choice goalkeeper, Antonis Nikopolidis of Panathinaikos. 

Monday, 28 May 2001 -  Coach Vasilis Daniil announced a revised squad for the World Cup qualifiers against Albania and England following the injury withdrawals of Olympiakos goalkeeper Dimitris Eleftheropoulos and Hertha Berlin midfielder Costas Konstantinidis.  Daniil has given a late call to AEK Athens midfielder Andreas Zikos.  

Saturday, 2 June 2001 - Greece beat Albania, 1-0, on a goal from Nikos Machlas, but midfielders Christos Patsatzoglou and  Giorgos Georgiadis  drew their second yellow cards of the preliminary competition and will be suspended for the match against England.

Wednesday, 6 June 2001 - Press reports reveal that midfielder Andreas Zikos, who did not play against Albania, walked out of the Greece squad earlier this week after he was told he would not make the bench as a possible substitute in the England match.  Defender Stelios Venetidis aggravated a previous injury in the squad's last training session last night and will not be available for tonight's match.


Greece Results
No. Date Opposition Venue Type F A Result H.T.
369 16-Aug-1999 Mexico Dimotiko Stadio, Xanthi F 3 2 HW [1-0]
370 18-Aug-1999 El Salvador Ethniko Stadio, Kavala F 3 1 HW [1-0]
371 20-Aug-1999 El Salvador Ethniko Stadio, Kavala F 3 0 HW [1-0]
372 04-Sep-1999 Norway Ullevall Stadion, Oslo ECP 0 1 AL [0-1]
373 06-Oct-1999 Albania Olympiako Stadio Athinas Spyros Louis, Athína ECP 2 0 HW [1-0]
374 09-Oct-1999 Slovenia Ljuncki Park Stadion, Maribor ECP 3 0 AW [2-0]
375 13-Nov-1999 Nigeria Ethniko Stadio, Kilkis F 2 0 HW [1-0]
376 17-Nov-1999 Bulgaria Ethniko Stadio, Kozani F 1 0 HW [0-0]
377 14-Dec-1999 Ghana Kaftatzoglio Stadio, Thessaloniki F 1 1 HD [1-1]
378 16-Dec-1999 Moldova Alkazar Stadio, Larisa F 2 0 HW [0-0]
379 18-Dec-1999 Estonia Ethniko Stadio, Trikala F 2 2 HD [1-2]
380 23-Feb-2000 Austria Messiniakos Stadio, Kalamata F 4 1 HW [1-1]
381 29-Mar-2000 Romania Olympiako Stadio Athinas Spyros Louis, Athína F 2 0 HW [0-0]
382 26-Apr-2000 Republic of Ireland Lansdowne Road, Dublin F 1 0 AW [1-0]
383 03-Jun-2000 Romania Steaua Stadium, Bucaresti F 1 2 AL [0-1]
384 16-Aug-2000 Switzerland Espenmoos Stadion, St Gallen F 2 2 AD [2-1]
385 02-Sep-2000 Germany AOL Arena, Volksparkstadion, Hamburg WCP 0 2 AL [0-1]
386 07-Oct-2000 Finland Olympiako Stadio Athinas Spyros Louis, Athína WCP 1 0 HW [0-0]
387 11-Oct-2000 Albania Stadiumi Kombetar "Qemal Stafa" Stadium, Tiranë WCP 0 2 AL [0-0]
388 15-Nov-2000 Slovakia Diagoras Stadio, Rodos F 0 2 HL [0-1]
389 13-Dec-2000 Yugoslavia Pigadia Stadio, Xanthi F 1 1 HD [0-1]
390 28-Feb-2001 USSR OFI Stadium, Heraklion, Crete F 3 3 HD [2-1]
391 28-Mar-2001 Germany Olympiako Stadio Athinas Spyros Louis, Athína WCP 2 4 HL [2-2]
392 25-Apr-2001 Croatia Stadion Varteksa, Varaždin F 2 2 AD [1-0]
393 02-Jun-2001 Albania OFI Stadium, Heraklion, Crete WCP 1 0 HW [0-0]