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'U23' 05 vs. Scotland
Wednesday, 28 September 1955
International Friendly Intermediate Match

England 5 Denmark 1
Fratton Park, Frogmore Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Kick-off (BST): 7.00pm

Attendance: '19,179' (floodlit).
unknown kicked-off
[1-0] Alfie Stokes 21
 a right-footed drive from a Frank Blunstone cross and a Clausen miskick

[1-1] Flemming Nielsen free-kick 38
from a swerving free-kick from 25-30 yards
5.0 Children's 7.0 Newsreel
Highlight 7.30 "The Grove Family".
8.0 Football: England v. Denmark
8.45 Sportsview 9.0 This is Show Business 10.0 News 10.15 Look: Vanishing Animals 10.45 Weather.
[2-1] Johnny Haynes 51
hit on the turn, hit high and beyond the keepers reach
[3-1] Alfie Stokes 71
 'another good drive' from a Johnny Haynes pass

[4-1] Bobby Robson 79
hard drive following a Alfie Stokes lay-off
[5-1] Johnny Haynes 86
 left-footed shot high and clear as he was falling from a Arthur Kaye cross
second half only - commentator: Kenneth Wolstenholme
"Happy-Feet Haynes runs Young Danes dizzy" Daily Herald
Officials England FIFA ruling on substitutes Denmark
Josef Wershoven
red flag               Linesmen         yellow flag
Chief Petty Officer Champion
Herbert Charles Dowell
England Intermediate Team
Rank No official ranking system established; Colours The 1954 Umbro home uniform - White v-necked short-sleeved continental jerseys, blue shorts, black socks with white tops.
Peter Sillett
Manager Walter Winterbottom, 42 (31 March 1913), appointed as FA national director of coaching/team manager on 8 July 1946;
3rd of 3, W 3 - D 0 - L 0 - F 16 - A 2. member in charge: Frank Adams fourth of sixteen intermediate matches, W 3 - D 0 - L 1 - F 16 - A 5.
  Team chosen by Intermediate Selection Committee, headed by Frank Adams, on Thursday, 15 September.
England Lineup
  seven changes to the previous U23 match (Matthews, Sillett, Haynes & Blunstone remain) league position (15 September)  
  Matthews, Reginald D. 22
282 days
20 December 1932 G Coventry City FC (FL3S 9th) 3 2ᵍᵃ
2 Sillett, R. Peter T. 22
239 days
1 February 1933 RB Chelsea FC (FL 19th) 3 0
22 3 Shaw, Graham L. 21
81 days
9 July 1934 LB Sheffield United FC (FL 17th) 1 0
4 Anderson, Stanley 21
213 days
27 February 1934 RHB Sunderland AFC (FL 6th) 2 0
5 Smith, Trevor 19
168 days
13 April 1936 CHB Birmingham City FC (FL 11th) 3 0
23 6 Clayton, Ronald 21
54 days
5 August 1934 LHB Blackburn Rovers FC (FL2 15th) 1 0
24 7
Kaye, Arthur 22
142 days
9 May 1933 OR Barnsley FC (FL2 5th) 1 0
25 8
Robson, Robert W. 22
222 days
18 February 1933 IR West Bromwich Albion FC (FL 8th) 1 1
26 9
Stokes, Alfred 22
360 days
3 October 1932 CF Tottenham Hotspur FC (FL 22nd bottom) 1 2
Haynes, John N. 20
346 days
17 October 1934 IL Fulham FC (FL2 TOP) 3 3
=most U23 gls 1955
Blunstone, Frank 20
346 days
17 October 1934 OL Chelsea FC (FL 19th) 4 2
most U23 apps 54-55

unused substitutes:

Gerry Cakebread (Brentford FC (FL3S 16th)), Clayton & Ray Parry (Bolton Wanderers FC (FL 10th)). Centre-half Ken Taylor (Huddersfield Town FC (FL 20th)) replaced Clayton the day before the match.
team changes: Duncan Edwards (Manchester United FC (FL 7th)) was the original named left-half, his place going to Clayton on Monday, 26 September, as he was suffering with an illness.
Outside-right Vic Groves (Leyton Orient FC (FL3S 2nd)) was the original named centre-forward, but injured his ankle in the last minute of the practise match between the England team and the Intermediate side.
team notes: A practise match between the England team and the Intermediate side took place at White Hart Lane, under the floodlights, on Monday, 28 September (2-2).
Reg Matthews missed the practise matches, so he could play an important League Division Three South match for his club, against Brentford FC (City won 2-1). Arsenal FC's goalkeeper Ralph Guthrie took his place.
The England players were the overnight guests of the Officers' Mess at the Royal Marine Barracks in Eastney
2-3-5 Matthews -
Sillett, Shaw -
Anderson, Smith, Clayton -
Kaye, Robson, Stokes, Haynes, Blunstone.
Averages: Age 21 years 256 days Appearances/Goals 2.1 0.2
oldest intermediate team so far
Denmark Intermediate Team
Rank No official ranking system established; Colours Red jerseys, white shorts.
Captain John Kramer Manager Vilhelm Skousen, 47 (23 March 1908).
Team chosen on Tuesday, 20 September 1955
Denmark Lineup
1 Larsen, Erik 21
234 days
6 February 1934 G AC Horsens 5 13ᵍᵃ
2 Helbrandt, Henning 20
121 days
30 May 1935 RB Kjøbenhavns Bk 3 0
3 Clausen, Knud 21
324 days
8 November 1933 LB Espjerg fB 1 0
only U23 app 1955
Nielsen, Flemming Gert 21
216 days
24 February 1934 RHB Bkben af 1893 3 2
5 Jørgensen, Finn 22
4 days
24 September 1933 CHB Bkben 1903 3 0
final U23 app 1954-55
6 Nielsen, Ove 21
239 days
1 February 1934 LHB Køge Bk 3 0
7 Petersen, Knud 21
311 days
21 November 1934 OR Nykøbing Falster Bk af 1901 2 0
8 Nielsen, Ove Bech 23
56 days
3 August 1932 IR Akademisk Bk 4 1
final U23 app 1952-55
9 Ingerslav Hansen, Kaj 19
229 days
11 February 1936 CF Akademisk Bk 3 1
10 Kramer, John 20
315 days
17 November 1934 IL Køge Bk 5 0
11 Nielsen, Gregor 21
183 days
29 March 1934 OL Espjerg fB 2 0

unused substitutes:

not known

team notes:

Manager Vilhelm Skousen would later be the president of DBU, from 1965 to 1977.
2-3-5 Larsen -
Helbrandt, Clausen -

F.Nielsen, Jørgensen, O.Nielsen -
O.B.Nielsen, Ingerslav, Cramer, G.Nielsen.
Averages: Age 21 years 137 days Appearances/Goals 3.1 0.2
              Match Report by Clifford Webb, Daily Herald, Thursday, 29 September 1955

EXCUSE my gloat, but it is so happy I am to be able to report: "We wore 'em down." England stayed the fierce pace better than the Danes in this corker of a match at Portsmouth last night and simply bombarded the bold Erik Larsen, the Scandinavian goalkeeper, during the last 20 minutes.
Can it be that we have at last seen the light? Can it be that we have finally discovered  the formula for turning out footballers sleek as greyhounds, swifts as sprint stars and fabulously, gloriously fit? That is the hope that was hammered home with four second-half goals just when the Danes had started to droop. Well, not actually droop but slow up in comparison with our bright belligerent 'babes'. So frequently are the boots on the other feet. So frequently has it been England's players who have faded and folded up against fiery Continentals.
Mind you, in addition to this super-fitness stuff a spell of inspiration can be a great help and last night we had it from Johnny (Happy Feet) Haynes, the Fulham wonder boy. With a display vividly reminiscent of the best we ever saw from Raich Carter  Johnny welded his front line forces into a machine, then gave it a precision lock, The 20,000 crowd rose to this dark-haired youngster as he opened the gate time after time with superb positional skill, then stroked dream passes to his colleagues.
For a spell in the first half I though Johnny was overdoing the moves inside the back to Frank Blunstone, whose control is not all it might have been. But Johnny quickly changed his tactics, brought right-winger Arthur Keys  more into the game and gradually the pattern of success developed. The football was magnetic—a treat to watch with the Danes showing up well until that English hurricane scattered their defences at the close. The Danish half-back line, including five full internationals Ove Neilsen and Finn Jorgensen were very dominating characters in the first half and Alf Stokes in his first big match began to look as if he was being too highly tried. But now Alf—and all the others for that matter—responded to the canny coaxing of Haynes!
Our defence was several times in real trouble before the interval, but some stout tackling by Trevor Smith and shots brilliantly saved by Reg Matthews stopped the Danes from getting the dangerous 'lift' a first goal of the match would have given them. Naturally, it was Haynes who put us on the winning road. A slick through pass from the Fulham wizard to Blunstone saw the ball whipped inside for Stokes to score the opening goal in 20 minutes. Denmark hit back with a goal by right half Flemming Neilsen—a wizz of a free-kick from 25 yards, but that was as much as they could do in the scoring line.
Fifteen minutes after the interval Johnny Haynes put England ahead again and a few minutes later after one bad miss, Stokes scored No. 3. Before the finish Bobby Robson and Haynes brought the total up to five.


              Match Report as appears in the F.A. Yearbook 1956-57 page 28

DURING season 1955-56 the International Selection Committee's policy of developing young players by means of 'B' and 'Under-23' matches began to reveal itself. No fewer than nine English players have already worked their way through the various preliminary teams to reach full international status: Haynes, Clayton, Hall, Edwards, Perry, Byrne, R. Matthews, and Atyeo. It is perhaps relevant to note that similar policies are being adopted to an increasing extent abroad, now that European teams are obliged to make changes as the time comes for the great players of a few years ago to be gradually replaced.
In order to show the English selectors' policy more clearly, it is perhaps best to describe all the international matches - full, 'B', and 'Under-23' in chronological order. Making due allowances for injuries and loss of form, it will be apparent that the selectors have pursued a definite and recognizable policy which, on the whole, has produced satisfactory results.

In the first match of the season, played at Fratton Park, Portsmouth, on September 28th, 1955, an even first half was followed by a brilliant display by Haynes. After the first hour the Danes tired, and the 'Young England' forwards gradually got on top, and with Stokes (2), Haynes (2), and Robson scoring five good goals, England ran out easy winners.


              Source Notes
Official matchday programme
  Rothman's Yearbooks
Original newspaper reports