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176 vs. France

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Saturday, 16 May 1931
End-of-Season Tour Friendly Match

Belgium 1 England 4 [1-1]

Match Summary
Belgium Party

England Party

Stade du Daring Club de Bruxelles, Sint-Jans Molenbeek, Bruxelles
Attendance: 30,000;
Kick-off: tbc

Belgium - Jean Capelle (from a Voorhoof cross 36)
England - Eric Houghton (penalty 42), Harry Burgess (from a Crooks pass 65, a solo run 75), Harry Roberts (close range shot 80)
Results 1930-39

? won the toss, ? kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - Dr. Peco Joseph Bauwens
44 (24 December 1886), Germany

Linesmen - not known

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

Belgium Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 35th
Colours: Probably Black shirts, black shorts and black socks
Capt: Jacques Moeschal Selectors: Hector Goetinck
Belgium Lineup
  Badjou, Arnold 21 25 June 1909 G Daring Club de Bruxelles Societe Royale 10 23 GA
  Nouwens, Theodoor 23 17 February 1908 RB Racing Club de Malines Societe Royale 18 0
  Joacim, Constant 23 3 March 1908 LB Bercham Sport 1 0
  Simons, Charles 24 27 September 1906 RH Royal Antwerp FC 2 0
  Hellemans, August 23 21 June 1907 CH Royal FC Malinois 12 0
  Moeschal, Jacques 30 6 September 1900 LH Royal Racing Club de Bruxelles 20 3
  Versyp, Louis 22 5 December 1908 OR Royal FC Brugeois 13 5
  Voorhoof, Bernard 21 11 May 1910 IR Liersche Sportkring 15 8
Capelle, Jean 17
202 dys
26 October 1913 CF Royal Standard Club Liege 3 1
  van Beeck, Joseph 20 18 February 1911 IL Royal Antwerp FC 3 1
  vanden Eynde, Stanley H.A. 21 3 October 1909 OL Royal Beerschot AC 2 1


reserves not known
2-3-5 Badjou -
Nouwens, Joacim -
Simons, Hellemans, Moeschal -
Versyp, Voorhoof, Capelle, van Beeck, vanden Eynde


Age 22.3 Appearances/Goals 9.0 1.6


England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 7th
Colours: The 1923 uniform - White collared jerseys, navy blue or black shorts, black socks with white tops
Capt: Alf Strange, second captaincy Selectors:
Trainer: Laurie Edwards (Derby County FC)
The fourteen-man FA International Selection Committee, on Monday, 4 May 1931.
144th match, W 92 - D 27 - L 25 - F 439 - A 163.
One less reliable source names Roy Goodall
England Lineup
  Turner, Hugh 26 6 August 1904 G Huddersfield Town AFC 2 6 GA
  Goodall, F. Roy 28 31 December 1902 RB Huddersfield Town AFC 16 0
  Blenkinsop, Ernest 29 20 April 1902 LB Sheffield Wednesday FC 18 0
  Strange, Alfred H. 31 2 April 1900 RH Sheffield Wednesday FC 8 0
  Cowan, Samuel 30 10 May 1901 CH Manchester City FC 3 0
  Tate, Joe T. 26 4 August 1904 LH Aston Villa FC 2 0
  Crooks, Samuel D. 23 16 January 1908 OR Derby County FC 8 2
Roberts, Henry 23 1 September 1907 IR Millwall FC 1 1
  Waring, Thomas 24 12 October 1906 CF Aston Villa FC 2 1
Burgess, Harry 26 20 August 1904 IL Sheffield Wednesday FC 4 4
Houghton, W. Eric 20 29 June 1910 OL Aston Villa FC 4 2
Seventh penalty scored - youngest so far


Tom Cooper (Derby County FC), Tommy Graham (Nottingham Forest FC) and George Stephenson (Sheffield Wednesday FC).

team notes:

There were changes to the side from that originally selected, whether that was by nature or nurture is unknown. Original-named reserves Roy Goodall and Sam Cowan replaced Cooper and Graham. As well as Roberts replacing West Bromwich Albion FC's Joe Carter.
2-3-5 Turner -
Goodall, Blenkinsop -
Strange, Cowan, Tate -
Crooks, Roberts, Waring, Burgess, Houghton.


Age 26.0 Appearances/Goals 6.2 0.5


    Match Report

BRUSSELS, May 16.--England to-day beat Belgium by four goals to one. Belgium were the first to score, but Houghton scored from a penalty kick just before half-time, and Burgess (two) and Roberts scored in the second half. The game was played at the Daring Stadium. The play of the English team was disappointing in the first half, but improved after the interval...

Belgium took the lead after 40 min. Versyp, the outside-right, got the ball and ran quickly down the wing. Strange tackled him, but Versyp passed into Voorhoof, who ran on and centred to Cappelle, who shot through...

Just before half-time Moeschal, a Belgian half-back, handled the ball in the penalty area and Houghton scored.

Clever play by Crooks on the right kept England on the attack. He got clear away and after a fast run passed in to Burgess, who scored England's second goal. Burgess scored the next goal after a tricky dribbling run. England kept up the attack and Roberts scored the fourth goal from close range...--Reuter. - The Times - Monday 18th May, 1931


It was on 16 May 1931 that the great physicist, Professor Albert Einstein lectured on his theory of relativity at Oxford University, in which he presented his intention to identify the mathematical rules that govern the expansion of the universe. His theories were held in such high esteem that the blackboard that he used was taken away and preserved, complete with his equations.

Source Notes


Rothmans Yearbooks