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Monday, 3 March 1924
Home International Championship 1923-24 (36th) Match

England 1 Wales 2 [0-0]

Match Summary

England Party

Wales Party

Ewood Park, Ewood, Blackburn, Lancashire
Attendance: 30,000
; receipts: £3,062; Kick-off: tbc GMT

England - Tommy Roberts (headed in a Tunstall free-kick 55)
Wales - Willie Davies (shot from a Nicholls pass 60), Ted Vizard (short range rebound after Sewell saved a Nicholls shot 63)
Results 1919-30

England won the toss, Wales kicked-off.


Match Summary






Referee - George Noel Watson
Nottingham, England

Linesmen - Reverend J. Maddock, Blackburn, and not known

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 8th to 10th
Colours: The 1923 uniform - White collared jerseys and dark club shorts
Capt: George Wilson, sixth captaincy Selectors: The fourteen-man FA International Selection Committee, following the trial match, on Monday, 25 February 1924.
106th match, W 70 - D 21 - L 15 - F 330 - A 103.
England Lineup
  Sewell, W. Ronald 33 19 July 1890 G Blackburn Rovers FC 1 2 GA
  Smart, Thomas 27 20 September 1896 RB Aston Villa FC 2 0
  Mort, Thomas 26 1 December 1897 LB Aston Villa FC 1 0
  Kean, Frederick W. 25 3 April 1899 RH The Wednesday FC 3 0
  Wilson, George 32 14 January 1892 CH The Wednesday FC 11 0
  Barton, Percy A. 31 20 January 1893 LH Birmingham FC 5 0
  Chedgzoy, Samuel 35 27 January 1889 OR Everton FC 7 0
  Jack, David B.N. 24 3 April 1898 IR Bolton Wanderers FC 1 0
Roberts, W. Thomas 27 29 November 1896 CF Preston North End FC 2 2
  Stephenson, Clement 34 6 February 1890 IL Huddersfield Town AFC 1 0
  Tunstall, Fred 26 29 May 1897 OL Sheffield United FC 3 0


Tom Bromilow and Harry Chambers (both Liverpool FC)

team notes:

Tommy Mort replaced original left-back, Huddersfield Town FC's Sam Wadsworth, after he contracted influenza.
2-3-5 Sewell -
Smart, Mort -
Kean, Wilson, Barton -
Chedgzoy, Jack, Roberts, Stephenson, Tunstall.


Age 29.1 Appearances/Goals 3.4 0.1


Wales Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 28th to 20th
Colours: Made by St. Margaret's - Red shirts with white laced-up collars, white shorts, red socks
Capt: Fred Keenor Selectors: Team selection chosen by Committee.
Wales Lineup
  Gray, Albert 23 23 September 1900 G Oldham Athletic AFC, England 2 1 GA
  Russell, Moses R. 35 20 May 1888 RB Plymouth Argyle FC, England 16 0
  Jenkins, John 31/32 1892 LB Brighton & Hove Albion FC, England 2 0
  Evans, Herbert P. 29 30 August 1894 RH Cardiff City FC 4 0
  Keenor, Frederick C. 29 31 July 1894 CH Cardiff City FC 11 1
  Jennings, William 31 25 February 1893 LH Bolton Wanderers FC, England 7 0
Davies, William 23 10 March 1900 OR Swansea Town FC 2 2
  Nicholls, John B.L. 26 14 February 1898 IR Newport County AFC 1 0
  Davies, Leonard S. 24 28 April 1899 CF Cardiff City FC 8 3
  Richards, Richard W. 34 14 February 1890 IL West Ham United FC, England 7 1
Vizard, Edward T. 34 7 June 1889 OL Bolton Wanderers FC, England 18 1


reserves not known
2-3-5 Gray -
Russell, Jenkins -
Evans, Keenor, Jennings -
W.Davies, Nicholls, L.Davies, Richards, Vizard.


Age 29.0/1 Appearances/Goals 7.1 0.5


    Match Report

The poverty of English Association football was emphasised yesterday when Wales beat England at Blackburn by two goals to one. The Welshmen were the livelier lot, but on every hand the game was regarded as disappointing.

Judged by the emptiness of the trains that left Manchester for Blackburn, Manchester people had little interest in the fact that England had to win to give them a chance of leaving the "wooden spoon" to some other country; but other parts of Lancashire did not regard the match with the same apathy. Bolton, thrilled by the Wanderers supplying two men to the Welsh side and one to the other, went to Blackburn in thousands, and did not mind travelling 17, 18, and even 21 in a compartment. The total attendance was about 30,000, and Bolton people must have found a large part of the £3,062 that was paid at the gates. They got a poor return for their money, although Jack, Vizard and Jennings were equal to the men supplied by other towns.

The ground was slippery everywhere, and as some of the snow in the middle had melted and formed pools of water the players were often guessing about the pace at which the ball would reach them. Passes meant for a man in white often went to one in red, who would sometimes return it in obliging fashion, and this, combined with a weakness on the English right and the cleverness of the defenders in covering the goal-keepers, made the exhibition a tame one.

Russell, the Plymouth veteran, who was right full-back for Wales, was frequently responsible for repelling England's attacks. Russell's knack of making his bald head prominent in moments of threat was most useful to his side. Willie Davies, of Swansea, caused trouble by his speed, and shot as well as anyone.

England went ahead ten minutes after the interval when Tunstall took a free kick and Roberts nodded the ball into the net. This seemed to make the Englishmen livelier for a minute or two, but the Welshmen outpaced them, and when Willie Davies received a back pass from Nicholls he sent in a fast shot against which Sewell appeared to move in the wrong direction. Three minutes later Sewell saved from Nicholls, and before he could recover Vizard scored with a low shot from short range. England have now lost to Ireland and Wales. - The Manchester Guardian


It was on 3 March 1924 that the President of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal abolished the office of Caliphate that had ruled the Ottoman Empire for over 400 years.


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