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Saturday, 14 April 1923
Home International Championship 1922-23 (35th) Match

Scotland 2 England 2 [1-2]

Match Summary
Scotland Party

England Party

Hampden Park, Kinghorn Drive, Mount Florida, Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Attendance: 71,000; Receipts: £4,500;
Kick-off tbc GMT

England - Bob Kelly (header from a Tunstall cross 23), Vic Watson (a low header from another Tunstall cross 42)
Scotland - Andy Cunningham (a terrific drive, after Taylor saved from Lawson 31), Andy Wilson (tapped into an empty net after George Wilson missed his clearance 55)
Results 1919-30

Scotland the toss, England kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - Arthur Ward
Kirkham, Lancashire, England

Linesmen - G.N. Foster and unknown
Low capacity because stadium admission was raised to two shillings.

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

Scotland Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 3rd
Colours: Dark blue shirts with white collars, white shorts
Capt: Walter Cringan Selectors: The Scottish Football Association Selection Committee, of seven members, chosen, following the inter-league match, on Wednesday, 4 April 1923.
Scotland Lineup
  Harper, William 26 19 January 1897 G Hibernian FC 3 2 GA
  Hutton, John 24 29 October 1898 RB Aberdeen FC 3 0
  Blair, James 34 11 May 1888 LB Cardiff City FC, Wales 7 0
  Steele, David M. 28 29 July 1894 RH Huddersfield Town FC, England 3 0
  Cringan, William 32 15 May 1890 CH The Celtic FC 5 0
  Muirhead, Thomas A. 26 31 January 1897 LH Rangers FC 2 0
  Lawson, Denis 25 11 December 1897 OR St. Mirren FC 1 0
Cunningham, Andrew 32 30 January 1891 IR Rangers FC 6 3
Wilson, Andrew N. 27 15 February 1896 CF Middlesbrough FC, England 12 13
  Cairns, Thomas 32 30 October 1890 IL Rangers FC 4 1
  Morton, Alan L. 29 24 April 1893 OL Rangers FC 8 2


reserves not known
2-3-5 Harper -
Hutton, Blair -
Steele, Cringan, Muirhead -
Lawson, Cunningham, Wilson, Cairns, Morton.


Age 28.6 Appearances/Goals 4.9 1.5


England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 10th to 7th
Colours: The 1903 uniform - White collared jerseys and dark club shorts
Capt: George Wilson, fourth captaincy Selectors: The fourteen-man FA International Selection Committee, following the inter-league match, on Monday, 9 April 1923.
100th match, W 67 - D 20 - L 13 - F 315 - A 93.
England Lineup
  Taylor, Edward 36 7 March 1887 G Huddersfield Town AFC 4 5 GA
  Longworth, Ephraim 35 2 October 1887 RB Liverpool FC 5 0
  Wadsworth, Samuel J. 26 13 September 1896 LB Huddersfield Town AFC 3 0
  Kean, Frederick W. 24 3 April 1899 RH The Wednesday FC 2 0
  Wilson, George 31 14 January 1892 CH The Wednesday FC 9 0
  Tresadern, John 30 26 September 1892 LH West Ham United FC 1 0
  Chedgzoy, Samuel 34 27 January 1889 OR Everton FC 6 0
Kelly, Robert 29 16 November 1893 IR Burnley FC 7 5
Watson, Victor M. 25 10 November 1897 CF West Ham United FC 2 2
  Chambers, Henry 26 17 November 1896 IL Liverpool FC 7 5
  Tunstall, Fred 25 29 May 1897 OL Sheffield United FC 1 0


Percy Barton (Birmingham FC) and Billy Walker (Aston Villa)

team notes:

George Wilson was a doubt for much of the previous week, having been injured in the league match against Wolverhampton Wanderers FC on the Saturday. He recovered enough to play.
2-3-5 Taylor -
Longworth, Wadsworth -
Kean, Wilson, Tresadern -
Chedgzoy, Kelly, Watson, Chambers, Tunstall


Age 29.2 Appearances/Goals 4.3 0.9


    Match Report

By playing a drawn game--two goals each--with England at Hampden Park, Glasgow, on Saturday, Scotland secured the honours of the Association International Championship for the third consecutive year.

The match was fast and interesting throughout and, although play fell below the high standard reached at Sheffield three years ago, the game provided much better football than the dull scramble on the Aston Villa ground last April. The magnificent arena of the Queen's Park Club easily accommodated the comparatively small crowd of 71,000. The price of admission, it should be said, had been raised to 2s. and rain fell before the start...

At the end of 21 minutes Tunstall beat the defence and placed the ball into the goal for Kelly to head it into the net. Scotland made the scores equal six minutes later, when, following a corner kick, Tresadern made a blunder, which enabled Lawson to shoot. Taylor saved by throwing himself at full length, and he was on the ground when Cunningham kicked the ball into the goal. Before the interval another dash and centre by Tunstall enabled Watson to head the second goal for England, and so England led at the interval. Ten minutes after play had been resumed Wadsworth, in an attack by Scotland, completely missed his kick, and left Wilson with an easy opening from which he made the scores equal. - The Times - Monday 16th April, 1923

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