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128 vs. Wales
130 vs. Ireland

Saturday, 8 April 1922
Home International Championship 1921-22 (34th) Match

England 0 Scotland 1 [0-0]

Villa Park, Trinity Road, Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire
Attendance: 33,646;
Receipts: £4721; Kick-off: tbc BST

Match Summary
England Party

Scotland Party

Scotland - Andy Wilson (a rebound after Dawson failed to gather the ball after he saved it 63)
Results 1919-30

England won the toss, Scotland kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - Thomas R. Dougray
Bellshill, Scotland

Linesmen - J.F. Pearson, Dudley and unknown

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 8th to 10th
Colours: The 1903 uniform - White collared jerseys and dark club shorts
Capt: George Wilson, second captaincy Selectors: The fourteen-man FA International Selection Committee, following the inter-league match, on Monday, 27 March 1922.
96th match, W 65 - D 18 - L 13 - F 303 - A 88.
England Lineup
  Dawson, Jeremiah 34 18 March 1888 G Burnley FC 2 2 GA
  Clay, Thomas 29 19 November 1892 RB Tottenham Hotspur FC 4 0
  Wadsworth, Samuel J. 25 13 September 1896 LB Huddersfield Town AFC 1 0
  Moss, Frank 26 17 April 1895 RH Aston Villa FC 2 0
  Wilson, George 30 14 January 1892 CH The Wednesday FC 5 0
  Bromilow, G. Thomas 27 7 October 1894 LH Liverpool FC 3 0
  York, Richard E. 22 25 April 1899 OR Aston Villa FC 1 0
  Kelly, Robert 28 16 November 1893 IR Burnley FC 6 4
  Rawlings, William E. 26 3 January 1896 CF Southampton FC 2 0
  Walker, William H. 24 29 October 1897 IL Aston Villa FC 4 1
  Smith, William H. 26 23 May 1895 OL Huddersfield Town AFC 2 0


Percy Barton (Birmingham FC) and Jimmy Seed (Tottenham Hotspur FC)

team notes:

Liverpool FC's Tommy Lucas was the original named left-back, Clay taking his place.
2-3-5 Dawson -
Clay, Wadsworth -
Moss, Wilson, Bromilow -
York, Kelly, Rawlings, Walker, Smith


Age 27.0 Appearances/Goals 2.9 0.5


Scotland Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 6th to 5th
Colours: Dark blue shirts with white collars, white shorts
Capt: James Blair Selectors: The Scottish Football Association Selection Committee, of seven members, chosen on Wednesday, 29 March 1922.
Scotland Lineup
  Campbell, Kenneth 29 6 September 1892 G Partick Thistle FC 8 10 GA
  Marshall, John 29 24 April 1892 RB Middlesbrough FC, England 6 0
  Blair, James 33 11 May 1888 LB Cardiff City FC, Wales 4 0
  Gilchrist, John 21/22  1900 RH The Celtic FC 1 0
  Cringan, William 31 15 May 1890 CH The Celtic FC 3 0
  McBain, Neil 26 15 November 1895 LH Manchester United FC, England 1 0
  Archibald, Alexander 24 6 September 1897 OR Rangers FC 3 1
  Crosbie, John A. 25 3 June 1896 IR Birmingham FC, England 2 0
Wilson, Andrew N. 26 15 February 1896 CF Middlesbrough FC, England 9 9
  Cairns, Thomas 31 30 October 1890 IL Rangers FC 2 1
  Morton, Alan L. 28 24 April 1893 OL Rangers FC 5 2


reserves not known
2-3-5 Campbell -
Marshall, Blair -
Gilchrist, Cringan, McBain -
Archibald, Crosbie, Wilson, Cairns, Morton


Age 27.5/6 Appearances/Goals 4.0 1.1


    Match Report


After some disappointing football, Scotland beat England by one goal to none in the last international fixture of the season, played on the ground of the Aston Villa Football Club, on Saturday.

This match was the first won by Scotland on an English ground since 1903, and the success of the visitors brought the records for the series to 20 wins for Scotland against 14 for England, with 12 games drawn. It also gave Scotland the Championship.

The unsettled weather and the increased prices of admission probably accounted for the comparatively small attendance of 34,000, but the international has never aroused the enthusiasm which always marks the fixture at Glasgow, where an attendance of over 100,000 is usually seen when England are the visitors. Fortunately the wet morning was followed by a fine afternoon, and with the turf in good order and an absence of wind, the conditions could not be blamed for the indifferent quality of the football, which was in direct contrast to the brilliant play seen at Sheffield two years ago, when England won by 5 goals to 4 on a rain-soaked pitch, after being two goals behind at the interval.

The international games this season have been marked by play of very moderate quality, and Saturday's match was no exception to the rule. Presumably the best forwards in the two countries were engaged, and between them they managed to score one goal, and that in the nature of a fluke. Modern forward play is in a bad way if Saturday's display may be taken as a criterion, for there were scarcely half-a-dozen decent shots made during the match, and both sides missed many excellent scoring openings by indecision or inaccuracy. The best football came from Scotland and, although their goal was a lucky one, they were fully entitled to win. They were the quicker on the ball, and there was method in their movements, but it could not be claimed that either side played football worthy of the occasion...

The goal which won the match was scored when 17 minutes of the second half had expired. Dawson had saved a centre by Archibald, but in clearing a second shot-kicked the ball against one of the Scottish forwards, from whom it rebounded to Wilson, who turned it into the open goal. - The Times - Monday 10th April, 1922

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