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We have set aside this category of matches for games which are not part of one of the major competitive tournaments in which England have taken part--the British Championship (also known as the Home International Championship), the European Championship (formerly known as the European Nations' Cup) and the World Cup--but which nevertheless present a distinctly competitive element missing from friendly matches.  We have included in this category, first, all matches England played in minor tournaments, and, second, all stand-alone matches played for a cup that England contested on a regular basis.  Not included are stand-alone cup games which England played on a one-off basis.  Such games are more akin to friendly matches in which the winning team just happened to be awarded a trophy than they are to competitive tournament or cup matches.  

Thus we have included all matches England played for the Rous Cup although it involved only a single match against Scotland the first two times it was contested because England competed for that cup regularly from 1985 to 1989.  But we have not included, for example, England's match against South Africa on 22 May 2003 although the International Launch Trophy commemorating the launch of South Africa's bid to host World Cup 2010 was awarded to England for their 2-1 victory; the match was a one-off affair and in substance merely a friendly.