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1984 Away Uniform
1986 Home Uniform
1986 Away Red Uniform
1988 Away Blue Uniform

Not worn in play


Pale-blue short-sleeved shirt, with wide shadow stripes. Navy-blue v-neck, with thin white stripe in middle and two thin red stripes either side of it. Pale-blue hem on sleeves. Thin navy-blue stripe along shoulder. Embroidered emblem on left breast, with 'FIFA WORLD CUP' and then 'MEXICO'86' (without a space between) centralised in capitalised navy blue lettering underneath. Two embroidered navy-blue concentric diamonds on right breast, with 'umbro' in navy-blue lower-case lettering underneath. Navy-blue numbers on back, in the old Umbro font last worn by England on the previous year's tour.

Pale-blue shorts, with white drawstring. White seams, with two thin navy-blue stripes, each edged with a thin outer red stripe. Navy-blue numbers on left thigh in the same font as on the back of the shirt, with two embroidered navy-blue concentric diamonds underneath, and 'umbro' in navy-blue lower-case lettering beneath them. Embroidered emblem on right thigh.

Pale-blue socks. Solid navy-blue diamonds across tops, edged with two navy-blue hoops.


The photograph above (right) is of the number-twelve shirt issued to right full-back Viv Anderson for the World Cup 1986 final tournament in Mexico. This pale-blue jersey, accompanied by shorts and socks of the same colour, was, like the red shirt that was also issued, never worn in match play at the tournament. England wore their white shirt in all five of their matches at World Cup 1986.  However, they did wear the pale-blue shorts and socks with the white shirt in the quarter-final loss to Argentina that put them out of the competition.

Other Match in Which England Wore the 1986 Away Blue Shorts and Socks
Season 1985-86


Bobby Robson

World Cup Quarter-Final
618 22 June 1986 - Argentina 2 England 1 [0-0]
Estadio Azteca, Santa Úrsula, ciudad de México (114,580)
Maradona (2)
England wore the 1986 white home shirt with the away blue shorts and socks, against Argentina.