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Match No. 774 vs. Finland Match No. 776 vs. Spain Match Results

England National Football Team Match No. 775

Italy 1 England 0 [0-0]

Wednesday, 15 November 2000

Match Summary and Report


Match Summary

Status: Friendly match.
Venue: Stadio delle Alpi, Torino, capacity 69,041.
Attendance: 22,714 paying.  30,000 in actual attendence.
Goals: Italy - Gennaro Gattuso, 58th min.
Cautions: None.
Expulsions: None.
Referee - Sndor Puhl, 45, Hungary, FIFA-listed 1988.
Assistant referees - Bela Mero & Josef Binescik (Spellings ?)
Fourth Official - Rosem Roberts
Conditions: Kickoff 8:45 p.m. local time, 7:45 p.m. GMT;  rainy & cloudy.
Miscellany: A minute's silence is observed to mark a tragedy in the Agnelli family, long-time patrons of Juventus.
Notes: Each team was allowed six substitutions by agreement between the teams.




Goal Attempts 9 [8] 7 [6]
Attempts on Target 3 [3] 5 [2]
Hit Bar/Post 0 [0] 0 [0]
Corner Kicks Won 4 [4] 6 [6]
Offside Calls Against 1 [2] 3 [4]
Fouls Conceded 11 [22] 17 [19]
Time of Possession Not known Not known

The first set of numbers are from the Press Association and the bracketed numbers from the Association of Football Statisticians.

Italy Team


5th in FIFA ranking of 15 November 2000; 4th in Elo world ranking before this match and 4th after this match.

Colours: Azure blue shirts,  white shorts, azure blue socks; made by Kappa.
Coach: Giovanni Trapattoni, 61, appointed 7 July 2000, 
4th match, W 3 - D 1 - L 0 - F 8 - A 2.
Captain: Paolo Maldini, 62nd  captaincy.  When Maldini was substituted in the 74th minute, Fabio Cannavaro took the captain's armband.

Italy Lineup

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
1-Buffon, Gianluigi 28-Jan-1978 22 G

Parma AC

16 0 1998-active
2-Coco, Francesco 14-Jun-1977 23 M Milan AC 3 0 2000-active
3-Maldini, Paolo, sub off 74th min. 26-Jun-1968 32 D Milan AC 114 7 1988-active
4-Albertini, Demetrio, sub off 52nd min. 23-Aug-1971 29 M Milan AC 76 2 1991-active
5-Cannavaro, Fabio 13-Sep-1973 27 D Parma AC 45 0 1997-active
6-Nesta, Alessandro, sub off 67th min. 19-Mar-1976 24 D SS Lazio 35 0 1996-active
7-Di Livio, Angelo, sub off 52nd min. 26-Jul-1966 34 M

AC Fiorentina

32 0 1995-active
8- Gattuso, Gennaro I. 09-Jan-1978 22 M Milan AC 6 1 2000-active
9-Inzaghi, Filippo, sub off 73rd min. 05-Apr-1976 27 F

Juventus FC

28 11 1997-active
10-Fiore, Stefano 17-Apr-1975 25 M Udinese Calcio 14 1 2000-active
11-Delvecchio, Marco, sub off 61st min. 07-Apr-1973 27 F AS Roma 11 2 1998-active

Italy Substitutes

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
16-Di Biagio, Luigi, sub on 52nd min. for Albertini 03-Jun-1971 29 M Internazionale Milano FC 20 2 1998-active
17-Zenoni, Damiano, sub on 52nd min. for Di Livio 23-Apr-1977 23 M Atalanta BC 1 0 2000-active
21-Inzaghi, Simone, sub on 61st min. for Delvecchio 05-Apr-1976 24 F SS Lazio 2 0 2000-active
15-Adani, Daniele, sub on 67th min. for Nesta 10-Jul-1974 26 D AC Fiorentina 1 0 2000-active
20-Del Piero, Alessandro, sub on 73rd min. for Filippo Inzaghi 09-Nov-1974 26 F Juventus FC 40 13 1995-active
14-Bertotto, Valerio, sub on 74th min. for Maldini 15-Jan-1973 27 D Udinese Calcio 2 0 2000-active


Buffon -
Cannavaro, Nesta (Adani), Maldini (Bertotto) -
Di Livio (Zenoni), Albertini (DiBiagio), Gattuso, Coco -
Fiore -
F. Inzaghi (Del Piero), Delvecchio (S. Inzaghi).

Notes: Midfielder Stefano Fiore moving up to take the role normally played by the injured Francesco Totti as a withdrawn, third forward [3-4-1-2]
Not Used:
12-Francesco Toldo, 13-Giuseppe Pancaro, 18-Gianluca Pessotto, 19-Massimo Ambrosini.

England Team


16th in FIFA ranking of 15 November 2000; 14th in Elo world ranking before this match and 14th after this match.

Colours: White shirts, navy blue shorts, white socks.  The 1999 "home" uniform.
Coach: Peter J. Taylor, 47, appointed part-time caretaker manager 22 October 2000,
1st match W 0 - D 0 - L 1 - F 0 - A 1.
Notes Was supposed to be mansged by Bobby Robson, in a return to Turin, with Peter Taylor and Steve McLaren assisting. But Newcastle United FC would not release Robson, fearing losing him permanently to the England hotseat.
Captain: David Beckham, 1st captaincy.

England Lineup

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
1-James, David B. 01-Aug-1970 30 G

Aston Villa FC

2 0 1997-active
2-Neville, Gary A. 18-Feb-1975 25 D Manchester United FC 41 0 1995-active
3-Barry, Gareth, sub off 73rd min. 23-Feb-1981 19 D Aston Villa FC 6 0 2000-2003
4-Butt, Nicholas, sub off 26th min. 21-Jan-1975 25 M Manchester United FC 9 0 1997-active
5-Ferdinand, Rio G. 07-Nov-1978 22 D West Ham United FC 10 0 1997-active
6-Southgate, Gareth 30-Sep-1970 30 D Aston Villa FC 41 1 1995-2004
7-Beckham, David R.J. 02-May-1975 25 M

Manchester United FC

37 1 1996-active
8-Parlour, Raymond, sub off 78th min. 07-Mar-1973 27 M Arsenal FC 10 0 1999-2000
9-Heskey, Emile W. I., sub off 73rd min. 11-Jan-1978 22 F

Liverpool FC

11 1 1999-active
10-Barmby, Nicholas J. 11-Feb-1974 26 M Liverpool FC 18 4 1995-2001
11-Dyer, Kieron C., sub off 83rd min. 29-Dec-1978 21 M Newcastle United FC 8 0 1999-active

England Substitutes

Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G Career
20-Carragher, James L.D., sub on 26th min. for Butt 28-Jan-1978 22 M Liverpool FC 2 0 1999-2007
18-Johnson, Seth A.M., sub on 73rd min. for Barry 12-Mar-1979 21 M Derby County FC 1 0 2000
14-Phillips, Kevin M., sub on 73rd min. for Heskey 25-Jul-1973 27 F Sunderland AFC 6 0 1999-2002
16-Anderton, Darren R., sub on 78th min. for Parlour 03-Mar-1972 28 M Tottenham Hotspur FC 29 7 1994-2001
15-Fowler, Robert B., sub on 83rd min. for Dyer 09-Apr-1975 25 F Liverpool FC 15 3 1996-2002

with the two wide midfielders acting as wingbacks and one of the forwards slightly withdrawn [3-5-1-1]:

James -
G. Neville, Ferdinand, Southgate -
Parlour (Anderton), Beckham, Butt (Carragher), Dyer (Fowler), Barry (Johnson) -
Barmby -
Heskey (Phillips).

Not Used:
12-Phil Neville, 13-Richard Wright, 17-Michael Ball, 19-Frank Lampard, 22-Paul Robinson.

Match Report


This was the last match for Hungarian referee Sandor Puhl, who was retiring at 45 after a long career marked by both distinction and controversy in which he presided over five other England matches.  He earned his FIFA badge in 1988 and refereed the 1994 World Cup final match between Italy and Brazil in Los Angeles.  By then he had taken charge of two England matches, the scoreless draw with France in Sweden at the 1992 European Championship and the 2-0 loss to Norway in Oslo in 1993 that virtually put an end to England's hopes of qualifying for the 1994 World Cup finals.  After refereeing one of the long string of England friendlies leading up to the 1996 European Championship, the 3-1 win against Switzerland at Wembley Stadium in 1995, he handled two crucial Wembley matches, the 1996 European Championship semi-final, when England drew 1-1 with Germany but went out on penalty kicks, and the 1-0 loss to Italy in early 1997, England's first defeat at home in a World Cup qualifier.  But in December, 1997 UEFA suspended Puhl for the remainder of the season because of his performance in a European Champions' League match between Feyenoord and Manchester United.  UEFA said he "failed to inflict the appropriate sanction" after Paul Bosvelt felled United's Irish international defender Denis Irwin with a lunge to the knee during the match in Rotterdam on November 5, 1997.  It noted he had seen the incident but failed to take any action beyond giving a free kick and did not even mention it in his match report.


Source Notes


Match summary based on taped telecast of match and contemporary news media reports.  Italy team and player records drawn primarily from the official Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio website.  

Official Teamsheet