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Harold Morse

Notts County FC

1 appearance, 0 goals

P 1 W 1 D 0 L 0 F 5: A 4
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captain: none
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  Reverend Harold Morse
Birth Sunday, 4 December 1859 in The Parsonage, St. John's Church, Ladywood, Birmingham, Warwickshire [registered in Birmingham, March 1860].
"MORSE.―4th inst., at the Parsonage, St. John's Ladywood, Birmingham, the wife of the Rev. Francis Morse, of a son."
- The Ipswich Journal, Saturday, 10 December 1859.
Baptism 5 February 1860 in St. John's Church, Ladywood, Birmingham. Baptised by his own father.

According to the 1861 census, Harold is the youngest of six children to Rev. Francis and Clarissa Catherine (née Gledge). His father is the Vicar and they have six servants living with them at The Vicarage in Rann Street, Ladywood, Birmingham.


According to the 1871 census, eleven year old Harold is living at Well House School in Hanley Castle, with his 18 year old brother, also a pupil, Edward St John. The school is run by their uncle, William W. Gedge.


According to the 1881 census, Harold is back at home with his parents, the second eldest of six children. They live in St. Mary's Vicarage, St. Mary's, Nottingham with four servants. Harold is a civil engineer.

  Harold Morse had left England for New York in 1886.
Marriage to Mabel Elizabeth Cursham (Harry Cursham's sister), on Saturday, 27 November 1886 at the Episcopal Church, Irvington-on-Hudson in New York [registration not found].
"MORSE―CURSHAM.―On Nov. 27th, at the Episcopal Church, Irvington-on-Hudson, New York, by the Rev. Dr. Benjamin, Harold Morse, of Flixton, Georgia, U.S., son of the late Canon Morse, of Nottingham, to Mabel, daughter of William George Cursham, late of Wilford, Notts." - Derby Mercury, Wednesday, 5 January 1887.
According to the 1900 US Census, Harold is a member of the clergy, living at 11110 Fairfax Avenue in Calumet, Cook in Illinois, with his wife, Mabel E., and two daughters, Mabel and Faith.
According to the 1905 New York Census, Harold and his wife are living in Marlborough in the Ulster area of New York, with his two daughters.
According to the 1910 US Census, widowed Harold is a Priest, living at 29 Franklin Drive in Camden, with his two daughters.
According to the 1920 US Census, Harold is now living at 9 East Maple Drive in Camden. He is still a priest. He is married to 39 year-old Emma
According to the 1930 US Census, Harold and Emma are still living at 9 East Maple Crescent. He is still a clergyman.
Death: Monday, 4 November 1935, in Cooper Hospital, Merchantville, New Jersey, aged about 75 years 336 days [registered in United States]. Following a short illness after a holiday in Florida.
Buried in Colestown cemetery, Colestown, Camden County, New Jersey (left)., on 7 November


"News has been received of the death at Merchantville, New Jersey, U.S.A., of the Rev. Harold Morse, the youngest son of the late Canon Morse, and a brother of the Rev. E. St. John Morse, Vicar of Shelford, Notts.
"The deceased gentleman was educated at Wellington College, and for a time was engaged at the Midland Railway works at Derby as an engineer. He was a good all-round athlete, and played for Notts. County F.C., being described as a very fine half-back, and on one occasion was chosen to play as an international. He was also a very good cricketer, and before he migrated to the United States, nearly 50 years ago, was associated for some time with the Robin Hoods.
"Mr. Morse left this country with the object of becoming a fruit farmer, but later turned towards the Church, taking holy orders, and for nearly 30 years he held the living of Grace Church, Merchantville.
"In such high esteem was he held that two years ago his parishioners insisted upon his taking a holiday and visiting Europe, and a member of his congregation provided the means for this trip. He had previously visited Nottingham about 10 years ago.
"The Rev. Harold Morse married Miss Mabel Cursham, of Wilford Grange, a sister of Mr. H. A. Cursham, but she predeceased about seven years ago. Two daughters survive.
"The Rt. Rev. Albion W. Knight, D.D., Bishop Coadjutor of the diocese of New Jersey, assisted by other clergy, officiated at the funeral, and members of the clergy and officials of the church were the pallbearers.
"Described as a cheerful and friendly personality, and an outstanding figure not only in his church but in the community, Mr. Morse took a keen interest in local life. He was the chaplain to the Masonic Lodge, chaplain to the Niagara Fire Company, overseer of the poor, and chairman of the first relief organisation.
"In point of service he was one of the oldest episcopal clergy in South Jersey. He studied for the ministry at Bexley Hall, a theological seminary conducted in connection with Kenyon College at Gambier, Ohio, and was ordained in 1902. He then held appointments in Cleveland, East Toledo, Chicago, Morgan Park and New York.
"He retired in December, 1934, spent the winter in Florida, and then returned to Merchantville, where he died in the Cooper Hospital after only a short illness.

- Nottingham Evening Post, Wednesday, 11 December 1935/Derby Daily Telegraph, Thursday, 12 December 1935.
  Douglas Lammings' An English Football Internationalist Who's Who [1990] &
Playing Career
Club(s) Attended Wellington College and onto Midland Railway works as an engineer. Played rugby for Derby Wanderers RFC, before turning to football and assisting Notts County FC and Notts Rangers FC.
Club honours None
Individual honours None
Height/Weight not known
Source Douglas Lammings' An English Football Internationalist Who's Who [1990].
England Career
Player number One of eight who became the 62nd players (64) to appear for England.
Position(s) Left-back
Only match No. 9, 5 April 1879, England 5 Scotland 4, a friendly match at Surrey Cricket Ground, The Oval, Kennington, London, aged 19 years 122 days.
Individual honours The Rest (one appearance, February 1879); The Whites (one appearance, February 1879);
Distinctions Brother-in-law of Arthur and Harry Cursham.
Died five days after Lindsay Bury.
Beyond England
He was a Civil Engineer in April 1881. Emigrated to United States before 1885 to become a fruit farmer, but instead, he became ordained, following in his family's footsteps. - An English Football Internationalists' Who's Who. Douglas Lamming (1990). Hatton Press, p.180./FindMyPast.com/Derby Telegraph

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parties Appearances minutes captain
1 1 90 0 none
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1 1 0 0 5 4 +1 0 0 5.00 4.00 100.0 +1

Match Record

Venue & Competition P W D L F A GD FTS CS FAv AAv Pts % W/L
Home venue
Friendly match
1 1 0 0 5 4 +1 0 0 5.00 4.00 100.0 +1

Match History
 Club: Notts County F.C. - one full appearance (90 min) F.A. Committee (Charles Alcock) - one full appearance (90 min)x

Age 19 trial  
two appearances - The Rest vs. The Probables, 12 February 1879, Surrey Cricket Ground
& The Whites vs. The Stripes,19 February 1879, Surrey Cricket Ground.
apps match match details comp res. rundown pos

pp 1 March 1879 - England vs. Scotland, The Surrey Cricket Ground, Kennington Fr postponed - frost hb
1 9 5 April 1879 - England 5 Scotland 4
The Surrey Cricket Ground, Kennington
Fr HW   lb

one of eight who became the 62nd (64) players to appear for England
the third player from Notts County FC to represent England