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Walter Buchanan

Clapham Rovers FC, Wanderers FC & Barnes FC

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  Walter Scott Buchanan
The early publications gave nothing more than W.S. as a forename to this player. On the basis that the only W.S. Buchanan born in this era is the one we have noted here. This MUST be treated with caution, because no one has any certainty on his identity.
After all, it was not unheard of for the early publications to add an initial.
Birth Friday, 1 June 1855 in Hornsey, Essex
registered as Walter Scott in Islington July-September 1855 Islington was in Essex County Registration until 1889
Baptism Friday, 27 July 1855 at St. Mark's Church, Tollington Park, Islington, to James and Mary (née MacMahon)
  This Walter S. cannot be found in the 1861 census.
  According to the 1871 census, Walter Scott is a pupil at Surrey County School in Cranleigh.
  On 10 December 1877, Buchanan (living in Hornsey Rise) is a witness at Old Bailey. He is employed by the defendant, Harry Hopkinson, for six weeks, and his testimony, amongst others, led to his 'not guilty' verdict of fraud and deception charges.
  According to the 1881 census, Walter Scott is lodging with the Dawson's, at 19 Hill Street, Westminster. The census shows no occupation.
  According to the 1891 census, Walter, now an advertising agent, is a visitor to the Lupp's, at 2 Blackfriars Road, at Southwark.
  According to the 1901 census, Walter S. is lodging at a boarding house, at 38 Lillie Road in Fulham. He is an advertising agent.
Marriage to Elizabeth Jane Norris (née Ford) in spring 1908 in Ealing
Elizabeth had been previously married to Henry Charles Norris (m.8 January 1896 d.20 December 1904).
registered in Brentford April-June 1908
  According to the 1911 census, Walter is now married and has a new family. His wife, Elizabeth, and her children, the five Norris children, and their own daughter, Daisy Scott, all live together at Chapel Villas in Twickenham. There is evidence that they had a son, also Walter Scott, who died within his first year of life. Walter is an still an agent.
(Elizabeth died in the early part of 1914.)
  According to the 1921 census, Walter is noted as being single and is one of the many lodgers at Rowton House in Hammersmith. He is a clerk (racing).
Death Remembrance Sunday, 11 November 1926 at Rowton House, Hammersmith Road in Hammersmith, London
aged 71 years 163 days registered in Hammersmith October-December 1926
A porter at Rowton House, Hammersmith Road, on going to clean the baths at the establishment on Armistice Day, discovered Walter Scott Buchanan, 71, who had been staying at the House for some time, lying dead in a bath of water. At the inquest held by Mr. H. R. Oswald at Hammersmith on Saturday, the porter stated he found the man with his head immersed under about a foot of water in the bath. The body was identified by Mrs. Margaret Bridgewater, wife of a land agent, of Cambridge Terrace, Hyde Park, who said she had not seen the deceased, her brother, for 31 years. He had never followed any occupation, but led a wasted life. About three years ago he met with an accident in Hammersmith, being knocked down and run over by a car. Dr. P. McCabe said the man had been dead about 20 minutes when he saw him lying in the bath. A postmortem examination revealed that the heart and other organs were diseased. There were no signs of suffocation, and he considered that the man was dead before he slipped under the water. Death was due to syncope, probably caused through the hot water acting on the man's diseased heart. A verdict of 'Natural causes' was recorded." - West London Observer, Monday, 19 November 1926
Source Douglas Lammings' An English Football Internationalist Who's Who [1990] &

Playing Career

Club(s) Clapham Rovers FC from 1873 until 1878, and played for the Barnes club from October 1876 and again in December 1877; also assisted the Wanderers FC team in November & December 1876 and again in November 1877.
Club honours None
Individual honours Surrey FA (vs. Middlesex FA, October 1875 & vs. Essex FA, February 1876);
London FA
(vs. Sheffield, January 1876);
Height/Weight not known.
Source Douglas Lammings' An English Football Internationalist Who's Who [1990].

England Career

Player number One of nine who became the 34th player (39) to appear for England.
Position(s) Half-back (played as a forward and half-back at club and county level).
Only match No. 5, 4 March 1876, Scotland 3 England 0, a friendly match at The West of Scotland Cricket Ground, Hamilton Crescent, Partick, Glasgow, aged 20 years 277 days.
Individual honours None
Distinctions Died fourteen days after Oliver Whateley

Beyond England

His census' reveal Buchanan to be an advertising agent. However, his 1926 obituary says he 'led a wasted life'... that is if this is the correct Buchanan, and the advertising agent did die in 1926.

The Numbers
parties Appearances minutes captain
2 1 90 0 none
The minutes here given can only ever be a guideline and cannot therefore be accurate, only an approximation.
1 0 0 1 0 3 -3 1 0 0 3 0 -1
His only match was a friendly match and at an away venue

Match History
 Club: Clapham Rovers F.C. - one full appearance (90 min) F.A. Committee - one full appearance (90 min)x

apps match match details comp res. rundown pos

Age 20
1 5 4 March 1876 - Scotland 3 England 0
The West of Scotland Cricket Ground, Partick
Fr AL   hb

one of nine who became the 34th (39) players to appear for England
one of two (5) to become the fourth player from Clapham Rovers FC to represent England

Age 21
6 3 March 1877 - England 1 Scotland 3, The Surrey Cricket Ground, Kennington Fr HL reserve