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Three Lions, 11 Players, 100 Facts
(Red Devils Publishing, 2012)

Reviewed by Chris Goodwin
18 July 2012

Released 11 July 2012

I know what you're thinking...Yet another book about the England Football Team. Yet another amongst the shelves and probable obscurity in weeks to come.  But this one is different.  Different, how?  For a start, its a hundred different facts. Not the same humdrum conveyer belt of churned out stories.  I mean, and I agree, that Alf Ramsey is England's only triumphant manager.  But he wasn't first choice for the job, and in the land of 'if only's'.... you know, Fringe style, alternate universes, or Red Dwarf alternate universes if you prefer. All in all, the point is... in some alternate universe, Alfred Ramsey was only a three-capped full back from the fifties.

I have no shadow of a doubt that it was probably a difficult task to collate a hundred different facts that were true, memorable and pub-quiz winning!  But regardless, true and memorable it is.  And as for winning the pub quiz...you can get in the next round of drinks with this one.

The only negative point regarding this, is the fact it will never adorn the physical bookshelf, only the virtual bookshelf. It is available as a Kindle download only, which is why the price is not just reasonable, but shockingly inexpensive.


It has now been 500 matches since England won the World Cup Final in 1966. Their one solitary triumph of any significance. For what was once a proud nation, lack of any success since has turned the exuberance into embarrassment. The England players wear a solitary star on their shirt but not as a recollection of proud times, but as a reminder of what an under-achieving nation England actually is. Now that's not because they have not tried. There has been some close runs and those ever-so-nears. 1990 and 1996 are the two that remain etched on many supporters’ memories. But while England fans wait, this e-book can serve to remind all England fans of those oh-so-nears. The reason behind why England never made it, or perhaps the reason why they did. But essentially, why England fans love their national team. -  Amazon.co,uk synopsis

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