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Stanley Lover,
Play On!
(Football Association, London, 2003)

Reviewed by Peter Young
22 July 2003

This 28-page booklet is a painless way to brush up on the Laws of the Game and their interpretation, and, better yet, the Football Association will send it to you free, per the directions below.

Stanley Lover explains, in simple terms, each of the Laws and the manner in which they are applied.   Much of the booklet consists of the questions fans and players might ask and the answers a first-rate referee would give, accompanied by illustrations.  

The booklet's premise is that much of the criticism aimed at referees stems from ignorance or misunderstanding of the Laws and their interpretation.  Its purpose is to ensure that criticism of referees from the stands--or from in front of a television set--is forthcoming only when it's justified.   The expectation is that those who read it will be less inclined to disagree with much-maligned referees.  Whether or not that is realistic, it is well worth reading. 

The booklet has been highly praised by fan and referee organisations, and the Football Association itself deserves praise for making it available free of charge.

To get your copy, all you have to do is send an e-mail message to the Football Association at info@TheFA.com with your name and address.  Make sure "Please send me Stanley Lover's Play On! Guide" appears in the message's subject line.  You will also find an e-mail link with the subject line already filled in on the Football Association's website.  The F.A. pays for the postage if an e-mail request is sent.

Or you can send a stamped self-addressed envelope to: Play On!, Customer Relations, The FA, 25 Soho Square, London W1D 4FA.

Either way, the F.A. will send you a copy in the post.  Our copy arrived a few days after we asked for it.