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Rob Burnett & Joe Mewis,
England On This Day
(Pitch Publishing, 2009)

Reviewed by Chris Goodwin 
28 January 2010

Released September 2009

I received my copy on this day... do you like what I did there?  So what happened 'On This Day', way back in history?  Well, I can tell you that on 28 January "Wheeler-dealer Terry Venables blagged himself the England job today in 1994."  And from 'El Tel' to 'El Macca', "Steve McManaman...agreed to join Real Madrid on a Bosman transfer at the end of the season".

You get the idea.... and you cannot tell me that someone out there is not going to pick up this book of the shelves in there not so-local bookstore, and idly flick through it, looking to see what happened on there birthday. I know I am not the only one. Incidentally - Bryan Robson is all over my birthday.... It was the day he scored after 38 seconds, the quickest at Wembley, against Yugoslavia.  He was also appointed Middlesbrough manager exactly nine years later..... hmmm. Interesting.

The point being - this is not a book full of statistics.  The greater many would try and get away with naming England player's birthdays and leaving it with just that.  England On This Day does give us birthdays, but it is well hidden away amongst the history and proper facts.  Facts that can actually make you impressed.  A lot of work has gone into this book, and it shows.  In fact - it could take you a year to read this...

The one downside... I cam across this book accidentally.  It deserves higher prominence.  I did not see it on the bookshelves, I found it on Ebay.  Still, I hope I can re-address the balance somehow.

England On This Day is history of the England team that, as the cliché goes, takes it one day at a time. Contained within its pages are England s greatest victories, most spectacular goals, biggest personalities and record breakers. Oh, and a couple of shoot-out losses to the Germans unfortunately. Some you ll remember, some you ll wish you did and other s you ll have tried to forget, but here are all the stories that make being an England fan the unique mix of pride, passion and disappointment that we all put ourselves through. From Walter Winterbottom and Len Shackleton, through Sir Alf and Bobby Moore to Sven and Becks, it s all here.Amazon.co.uk synopsis

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