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England National Football Team Match No. 256

Sunday, 25 June 1950

England 2 Chile 0 [1-0]

Match Summary and Report


Roy Bentley, left, and Stan Mortenson jump for a high ball in front of Chile's goal as Wilf Mannion, centre, follows the play.

Match Summary

Status: World Cup final tournament first phase Group 2 match.
Venue: Estádio Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, capacity 183.354.
Attendance: 29,703 official;  50,000 to 65,000 estimated.
Goals: England - Stan Mortensen, 27 mins.
England - Wilf Mannion, 51 mins.
Cautions: None.
Expulsions: None.
Officials: Referee - Karel van der Meer, Holland.
Linesmen - Mario Gardelli, Brazil, and Gunnar Dahlner, Sweden.
Conditions: Kickoff was at 3 p.m. local time; weather hot and humid; pitch softened by heavy rain just before the match; rain continued during the match.
Statistics: Not available.



No ranking system established; did not enter earlier World Cup tournaments; winners of the 1949-50 British Championship, which also served as the World Cup qualifying group.

Colours: White shirts; navy blue shorts; navy blue stockings with broad white band at top.
Lineup: Player Age Pos Club App G Career
1-Williams, Bert F. 30 G

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

8 8GA 24/34GA 1949-1955
2-Ramsey, Alfred E. 30 RB Tottenham Hotspur FC 6 0 32/3 1948-1953
3-Aston, John (Jack) 28 LB Manchester United FC 15 0 17/0 1948-1950
4-Wright, William A. 24 RH Wolverhamton Wanderers FC 30 2 105/3 1946-1959
5-Hughes, Lawrence 26 CH Liverpool FC 1 0 3/0 1950
6-Dickinson, James W. 25 LH Portsmouth FC 8 0 48/0 1949-1956
7-Finney, Thomas 28 OR Preston North End FC 26 18 76/30 1946-1958
8-Mannion, Wilfred J. 32 IR Middlesbrough FC 20 10 26/11 1946-1951
9-Bentley, T. F. Roy 26 CF Chelsea FC 5 2 12/9 1949-1955
10-Mortensen, Stanley H. 29 IL Blackpool FC 19 16 25/23 1947-1953
11-Mullen, James 27 OL Wolverhampton Wanderers FC 5 2 12/6 1947-1954
Substitutes No substitutions were permitted. 
Captain: Billy Wright, 15th of 90 career captaincies.
Coach: Walter Winterbottom, 37, appointed before start of 1946-47 season, 30th match [W 23 - D 3 - L 4 - F 102 - A 31]. 
Formation: 3-4-3 in the WM alignment with the center halfback of the old 2-3-5 formation becoming a centerback between the fullbacks and with the inside forwards withdrawn [3-2-2-3]:
Bert Williams -
Alf Ramsey, Lawrie Hughes, Jack Aston -
Billy Wright, Jimmy Dickinson -
Tom Finney, Wilf Mannion, Roy Bentley, Stan Mortenson, Jimmy Mullen.



No ranking system established; level at 5th in the South American Championship of 1949; did not enter World Cup 1938.

Colours: Red shirts; blue shorts; white stockings.
Lineup: Player Age Pos Club App G Career
1-Livingstone, Sergio Roberto - G

CD Universidad Catolica

- - 52/0
2-Roldán, Fernando - RB CD Universidad Catolica - - -
3-Alvarez, Manuel - LB CD Universidad Catolica - - -
4-Farias, Arturo - RH CSD Colo Colo - - -
5-Busquets, Miguel - CH CF Universidad de Chile - - -
6-Carvallo, Hernán Castro - LH CD Universidad Catolica - - -
7-Mayanés, Luis Lindorfo - OR CF Universidad de Chile - - -
8-Cremaschi, Atilio - IR Club Union Espanola - - NK/10
9-Robledo, Jorge Oliver 24 CF Newcastle United FC, England - - -
10-Muñoz, Manuel - IL CSD Colo Colo - - -
11-Diaz Zambrano, Guillermo - OL CD Santiago Wanderers - - -
Substitutes: No substitutions permitted.
Captain: Sergio Roberto Livingstone.
Coach: Arturo Bucciardi.
Formation: 3-4-3 in the WM alignment with the center halfback of the old 2-3-5 formation becoming a centerback between the fullbacks and with the inside forwards withdrawn [3-2-2-3]:
Sergio Roberto Livingstone -
Roldán, Miguel Busquets, Manuel Alvarez -
Arturo Farias, Hernán Castro Carvallo -
Atilio Cremaschi, Manuel Muñoz -
Luis Lindorfo
Mayanés, Jorge Oliver Robledo, Guillermo Diaz Zambrano.

Match Report


[To come.]


Chile qualified without playing a match because of the withdrawal of Argentina from its qualifying group.

England qualified from the British [Home International] Championship for 1949-1950.

England's first World Cup final tournament match.

England's first visit to the Americas.

England’s first match against opposition from the Americas.

Chile’s first match against European opposition since the 1930 World Cup.

Chile strengthened by the addition of George Robledo from Newcastle United.

Neil Franklin, the masterful Stoke City centre-half who had become an England mainstay with 27 caps in four years, made himself unavailable for selection, purportedly because of his wife's pregnancy but actually because he was about to defect to a renegade Colombian league.  

Stanley Matthews, out of favour with the F.A. and named to the squad only reluctantly and belatedly, was left to watch from the stands.

Source Notes


Attendance:  Most sources, including the FIFA match report, list the attendance as around 30,000.  Many commentators believe it was quite a bit higher, with estimates ranging from 45,000 to 65,000 [Duarte].

Venue:  The match undoubtedly was played at Estádio Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro, although two sources mistakenly have it in Porto Alegre [Cantor; World Cup 98 Online website].

Goal times:  The times given for the goals also vary widely, ranging from 27 to 39 minutes for Mortensen’s and 51 to 70 minutes for Mannion’s.  We have used the times from the FIFA match report, which are the same as or within a minute of the times given in the vast majority of the reports.  

England lineup:  Some sources, including the FIFA match report, have Mortensen playing inside right and Mannion inside left, including the FIFA match reportLeatherdale’s authoritative work on England’s World Cup history notes that Mortensen switched to inside right from inside left only for England’s last World Cup 1950 match against Spain, when Mannion was left out and Eddie Baily brought in.  Both the latest Football Association yearbooks and Rothman's Book of Football Records also have Mannion at inside right and Mortensen at inside left.  We have followed them.

Chile lineup:  Many European sources, including the FIFA match report, have Arturo Farias as right back and Fernando Roldán as right half.  The exception is the lineup appearing in the World Cup history on La Gazzetta dello Sport website, which has Roldán as right back and Farias as right half.  This coincides with the positions attributed to Chile squad members by South American sources; Roldán was a fullback and Farias a halfback.  We have followed them, although the matter is not free of doubt.


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