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Sunday, 25 June 1950
World Cup 1950 Finals First Phase Pool Two, Match One/Two

England 2 Chile 0 [1-0]

Match Summary
England Squad
Chile Squad

Team Records
The Chilean World Cup Finals Squad Pre-England  June 1950
Player Birthdate Age Pos Club App G
Alvarez, Manuel       CD Universidad Catolica    
Busquets, Miguel       CF Universidad de Chile    
Campos Quiros, Fernando       CSD Colo Colo    
Carvallo, Hernán Castro       CD Universidad Catolica    
Cremaschi, Atilio       Club Union Espanola    
Diaz Zambrano, Guillermo       CD Santiago Wanderers    
Farias, Arturo       CSD Colo Colo    
Flores, Miguel       CF Universidad de Chile    
Ibáñez, Carlos       CD Magallanes    
Infante-Bencolet, Raymundo       CD Universidad Catolica    
Livingstone, Sergio Roberto       CD Universidad Catolica    
Machuca Berrios, Manuel       CSD Colo Colo    
Mayanás, Luis Lindorfo       CF Universidad de Chile    
Muñoz, Manuel       CSD Colo Colo    
Prieto, András       CD Universidad Catolica    

Quitral-Encina, Rene


CD Santiago Wanderers

Riera, Fernando       CD Universidad Catolica    
Robledo, Jorge Oliver 14 April 1926 24 CF Newcastle United FC, England    
Rojas, Carlos Rodolfo       Club Union Espanola    
Roldán, Fernando       CD Universidad Catolica    
Saez-Alvárez, Osvaldo       CSD Colo Colo    

Urroz-Martinez, Francisco


CSD Colo Colo


Squad details correct up to and including Chile's match against Uruguay on 9 April 1950.


Chile Form: last six games
L W L W L W   f 11:a 11 success:  50%
95 30 April 1949 - Peru 3 Chile 0
São Paulo, Brazil
96 8 May 1949 - Uruguay 1 Chile 3
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
97 26 February 1950 - Bolivia 2 Chile 0
La Paz
  Fr AL
98 12 March 1950 - Chile 5 Bolivia 0
99 7 April 1950 - Uruguay 5 Chile 1
100 9 April 1950 - Chile 2 Uruguay 1


Chile and Bolivia qualified for the World Cup 1950 final tournament from Group 7 when the third team in the group, Argentina, withdrew from the competition.  Bolivia and Chile played two home and away games in February and March, 1950.  Miguel Angel Bestard records them as "World Cup eliminator" matches in the list of Chile's results in his International Football in South America 1901-1991 (1992), which would seem to indicate they were played before Argentina's withdrawal.  And the Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistical Foundation Archive's list of results in games between Bolivia and Chile describes them as "World Cup Qualifying" matches.  FIFA does not, however, include these games among the World Cup preliminary matches played by either country, and the authoritative World Cup histories do not mention them either, stating simply that Bolivia and Chile qualified when Argentina withdrew.  Other Chile results lists do not describe them as World Cup qualifying matches.  We have therefore recorded these two matches as friendlies.