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The International Football Association Board meeting  




Present : Messrs. C. Crump (Chairman) ; R. P. Gregson ( The Football Association ) ; A. M. Robertson, D. Campbell ( Scottish Football Association ) ; J. Davies, T. E. Thomas ( The Football Association of Wales ) ; A. H. Thompson, J MacBride ( Irish Football Association ).

Also present : D. B. Woolfall ( Treasurer ), F. J. Wall ( Secretary ), The Football Association ; T. Steen ( Treasurer ), J. K. McDowall ( Secretary ), Scottish Football Association ; J. Ferguson ( Secretary ), Irish Football Association. F. J. Wall ( The Football Association ) acted as Secretary.

Minutes of the meeting held at the Great Northern Hotel, Bundoran, on Saturday, 12th June, 1909, were read and confirmed.

The Chairman welcomed the Representatives to England.


Proposal of the F.A. of Wales :—

LAW 1.—Paragraph 15.—Delete the following words " The outer casing of the ball must be of leather and "

The proposal was by leave withdrawn.

The following proposal by the Football Association was carried unanimously :—

" Clubs may during the Season 1910-1911, mutually agree to use a ball other than one with an outer casing of leather, provided this Law is otherwise complied with."

This Resolution to be shown in the Rule Books of the respective Associations as a footnote to Law 1—(b) at the end of the sentence dealing with the outer casing of the ball.

Proposal of the Scottish F.A. :—

LAW 12.—A Player shall not wear any nails, except such as have their heads driven in flush with the leather, or metal plates or projections, or gutta percha, on his boots, or on his shin guards. If bars or studs on the soles or heels of the boots are used, they shall not project more than half an inch, and shall have all their fastenings driven in flush with the leather. Bars shall be transverse and flat, not less than half an inch in width, and shall extend from side to side of the boot. Studs shall be round in plan, not less than half an inch in diameter, and in no case conical or pointed. Any Player discovered infringing this Law shall be prohibited from taking further part in the match. The Referee shall, if required, examine the players' boots before the commencement of a match.

After the word " commencement " in the last sentence insert " or during the interval ".

The proposal was amended by adding the following words at the end of the Law : " or during the interval."


The following proposal by The Football Association was upon a division declared to be lost :—

1. That the following sentence in the Agreement of the 17th June, 1895, be deleted :—

"This circular to provide that the local Association must report the circumstances of the case and the penalty imposed to the parent Association without loss of time."

The following proposal by The Football Association was unanimously approved :—

2. That the Agreement of 25th June, 1888, be deleted from the Memorandum of Agreements, the provisions being now included in the Rules of The International Board :—

" No alteration in the Laws of the Game shall be valid unless first passed by a majority of two-thirds of those present at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting of one of the National Associations, afterwards unanimously agreed to by the representatives of the four National Associations at a Conference which shall be convened by each of these Associations in turn in the month of June each year."

The following proposal by The Scottish F.A. was carried by the necessary majority. Scotland, Wales and Ireland voted in favour. England voted against.

Decision of International Board (b) to Law 13 :—

" All reports by Referees to be made within three days after the occurrence ( Sundays not included ), and reports will be deemed to be made when received in the ordinary course of post."

Substitute " two days " for " three days."


The following proposals by The Scottish F.A. were by leave withdrawn :—

1. " That illegal approaching of Players registered with one Association by Clubs under control of another Association be recognised as an infringement."

2. " That the International Fixtures for 1912 be arranged at the next meeting of the International Board."

The following recommendation proposed by the Scottish F.A. and seconded by the F.A. of Wales was carried unanimously :—

That the Board recommends :—

That each National Association incorporates in its Rules a provision that a player registered with any National Association shall not be approached by a Club of any National Association until after the expiration of the Player's engagement.

The Scottish F.A. gave notice of its intention to submit the following proposals to the Board at its Meeting in June, 1911 :—

That the third paragraph of the International Board Agreement of 18th June, 1894, be deleted.

That the Agreements of 11th June, 1904, and 20th June, 1908, be deleted.

That the dates of the International Matches be arranged at the Meetings of the International Board.

A vote of thanks was unanimously accorded to Mr. C. Crump for presiding.

A. H. THOMPSON, Chairman.