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The International Football Association Board meeting  
Minutes of Annual General Meeting held at the Royal Hotel,
Llangollen ( Wales ), on Monday, June
18th, 1900.

PRESENT:—Messrs. T. E. Thomas (in the Chair), J. Davies (Football Association of the Wales),
C. Crump, R. P. Gregson (Football Association), A. R. Kirkwood, R. M. Christie
(Scottish Football Association), J. Reid (Irish Football Association).

1.—The Minutes of the General Meeting held June 19th, 1899, were taken as read and were confirmed.

2.—Mr. Reid proposed that in Law 1 (Laws of the Game) provision be made for a line indicating the position that players should stand to when a penalty kick is being taken, and suggested a short  dotted or other line 18 yards from goal. After some discussion Mr Reid withdrew his motion.

3.—Mr. Reid also proposed that the words "or when the ball is kicked off from goal" be deleted from Law 6. The proposal, after being discussed for some time, was withdrawn.

4.—The proposed motion of the Scottish Football Association, to provide for the Penalty Kick (Law 14) being taken at a point on the 12 yards line opposite to where the to where the infringement took place, was withdrawn.

5.—Mr. Davies proposed that the words "and within 12 yards from either goal post" be inserted after "own goal line" in Law 14. The proposal was opposed and consequently dropped.

6.—The Chairman proposed "That each National Association, for the purpose of an International Match, may select and have the right to the services of any player playing for a Club under the jurisdiction of another National Association, and that all necessary steps be taken by each National Association to secure the observance of this Rule." This proposal not meeting with the requisite support, fell through.

7.—Mr. Crump proposed a vote of thanks to Mr. McDowall, Secretary of the Scottish F.A., for the trouble taken by him in procuring the Minutes of past meetings of the Board where they were missing, thus rendering it possible to complete the records. This was seconded by Mr. Gregson, and carried unanimously.

8.—Mr. Crump presented a list of the Agreements come to by the Board, culled by him from the Minutes, in pursuance of a resolution of last year's meeting. It was resolved on the motion of Mr. Kirkwood, seconded by Mr. Reid, that Mr. Crump be asked to have such Agreements printed, and copies sent to each National Association.—Carried.

9.—The Chairman proposed that the thanks of the Board be given to Mr. Crump for the trouble he has taken in going through the Minutes and providing the list mentioned in Minute 8.  Mr. Reid seconded this motion, which was carried unanimously.

10.—Mr. Crump proposed, and Mr. Christie seconded, a vote of thanks to the Chairman.—Carried unanimously.