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Trial Match Results

Saturday, 6 March 1880
International Trial Match

The South 0 The North 0  [0-0]

The Surrey Cricket Ground, The Oval, Kennington, London - Attendance: Large.  
4:15 pm London Time


The South kicked-off. - minutes (- & -).


Match Summary

Officials [umpires and referees are of equal relevance]

The South


The North

Referee - William E. Clegg,
27 (21 April 1852), Sheffield.

- Major Francis A. Marindin, 41 (21 May 1838), Weymouth (Royal Engineers) & William P. Dix, 26 (winter 1853), Eccleshall, Sheffield (Sheffield F.A. Hon. Sec.)


  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

The South Team



Charles Wollaston (captained England the following week)

Colours: not known
Coach: None; team selection by the Football Association Committee
The South Lineup


Swepstone, Harry A. 21 early 1859 G

Pilgrims FC

  Bury, Lindsay 22 9 July 1857 FB

Old Etonians

  Field, Edgar 25 29 July 1854 FB

Clapham Rovers FC

  Weston, Vincent E. 24 late 1855 HB

Clapham Rovers FC


Prinsep, James F.M. 18 27 July 1861 HB

Old Carthusians

  Lindsay, Henry E.M. 23 13 February 1857 F

Royal Engineers FC


Bambridge, E. Charles 21 30 July 1858 F

Swifts FC

  Wace, Henry 26 21 September 1853 CF

Wanderers FC


Massey, Hugh H. 27 summer 1852 CF

Royal Engineers FC


Wollaston, Charles H.R. 30 31 July 1849 F

Wanderers FC

  Parry, Edward H. 24 24 April 1855 F

Old Carthusians


formation not known



The North Team



Jack Hunter

Colours: not known
Coach: None; team selection by the Football Association Committee.
The North Lineup


Sands, John 25 summer 1854 G

Nottingham Forest FC

  Moss, Walter J. 21 Summer 1858 FB

Sheffield Heeley FC

  Brindle, Thomas 19 8 January 1861 FB

Darwen FC


Hunter, John 27 Summer 1852 HB

Sheffield Heeley FC


Luntley, Edwin 22 28 April 1857 HB

Nottingham Forest FC


Ewbank, Jackson 27 Spring 1852 F

Middlesbrough FC

  Marshall, Thomas 21 12 September 1858 F

Darwen FC


Sorby, Thomas H. 22 16 February 1856 CF

Sheffield FC


Turner, John P. 25/26 1854 CF

Nottingham Forest FC


Earp, Frederick W. 19 late 1860 F

Nottingham Forest FC

  Mosforth, William 21/22 early 1858 OL

Sheffield Albion FC

formation not known  



Match Report

Among the many popular matches played by Association men, that between North and South never had a place until this year. Saturday last was the day appointed for the opening encounter, and Kennington-oval the scene of action. The weather proved fine, the attendance large, and the play of a first-rate character. It was nearly a quarter-past 4 before the ball was set rolling by the South, who had lost the toss, from the eastern goal, the wind being against them. The ball was quickly driven into the North half, when it went into touch, and from the throw-in it was taken up to the South lines, but a capital run by Bambridge relieved them. For some little time the North got the better of the play, and a corner kick fell to them, but the Southerners were too much on the alert to admit  of any score. It became the home party's turn now to act on the aggressive, and a combined run by Weston, Wollaston, and Wace took the ball in dangerous proximity to the Northerners' fortress, and one of their forwards sent it behind the line; but nothing came of the corner kick that followed. The game thus fluctuated first in favour of one side and then of the other, many shots by each going about a yard over the cross-bar, until half-time arrived and ends were changed. The first item of importance after this was a throw-in by Prinsep, who sent the ball right in front of goal; but no score was gained, and although the South showed to much better advantage than their rivals, they were unable to get anything of a definite nature, and when "Time" was called the match was left drawn. - The Times - Monday 8th March, 1880

Source Notes

All additional names and date of births are taken from census and registration details.  Which can never be purely reliable, but within reason, we believe that, for example, W. Moss is Walter Joshua Moss, born in Sheffield during the middle of 1858.  Another Walter was born in 1863, but we feel that this one could be too young, albeit not implausible.

Similarly, only one H.H. Massey was born in the correct time frame, Hugh, in the summer months of 1852.

Only one J.P. Turner died, and thus born of relative age in the Nottingham area.  In 1916, a 62 year-old John P. died, thus being born in 1854. 

Finally, only one Fred W. Earp was born in Nottingham, a Frederick William, in the winter of 1860.