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19 April

The Nearly Men - Tournament Stars They Never Were
Dom Smith's guest post from EnglandFootball.org


4 November

Eight England Youngsters To Excited About?
Dom Smith's guest post from EnglandFootball.org

20 April

Just How Good Are England?
Dom Smith's guest post from EnglandFootball.org


4 February

History Tells Us There’s Sweet FA To Do About Terry
How Terry went a Bridge too Far!

30 January

England and Mexico World Cup Preparations Contrasted


31 August

Fans Snatched by Setanta


10 October

Reviving the Home International Championship
England Cannot Afford Nostalgia-Driven Sentiment

24 September

Match Notes
Occasional Comments on the Game

22 September

Killing the Goose that Lays the Golden Eggs
FIFA and the F.A. Excel at Alienating Fans

20 September

Brian Clough
A Short Tribute

19 March

A Revealing Chronology
Hypocrisy and Red Faces at the Football Association


18/19 November

Banning the Uncharged
The F.A. Went Too Far in Sending Home Alan Smith
with Addendum

16 November

Palios’ Bureaucratic Bungling Must Stop
The Palios-Led  Football Association is Unfit to Run the National Team

14 October

The Rio Ferdinand Affair:  An Exchange with a Reader

14 October

The Rio Ferdinand Affair - Time to Move on?
Yes, but the Football Association and Mark Palios Must Take Some Lessons With Them

9 October


The Aftermath of the Rio Ferdinand Affair
The Football Community’s Response is Not Promising


8 October


Rush to Judgment:  The Rio Ferdinand Affair
The Football Association’s Shoddy Conduct Shows It at Its Bumbling Worst



Match Notes
A Running Commentary on the Game


27 December

 A New Low for the F.A.
Its Charges Against Mark Bosnich Bring It Disrepute

9 August

English Football's Losing Mentality
Acceptance of second-rate status prevents England
from achieving their full potential

26 January

Winnow the Minnows
UEFA must improve the football on display in qualifying competitions

18 January

Football Shirked its Responsibility in the Bowyer/Woodgate Affair
The F.A. must make its own determinations
when footballers are charged with crime


3 December

Ranking the Groups - Why the Final Draw Was Unfair
FIFA fumbles in Busan

21 November

Support Your England Stars as They Fight to Achieve
Security for All Professional Footballers

Remembering Wilf Mannion's Fate

5 July

Confession is Good for the Game
Well done to the Football Association for getting it right on racism

14 May

The Foreign Player Deserved Credit, Too
England's Football Media Miss the Ball in Reporting the Cup Final

29 April

Media Hall of Shame Award No. 1
The News of the World via Graeme Souness advises
Kevin Keegan on what to expect from Portugal

25 April

The Self-Imposed Burden
England's continuing failure to learn from past experience

13/15 March

The Old Dispute
Cultural conflict in the game and UEFA's descent into absurdity

7 February

Downgrading Billy Wright
Does FIFA or the F.A. decide how many caps England's old captain earned?