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England in the European Nations Cup 1964
Preliminary Competition

European Nations Cup 1964 Preliminary Competition

Preliminary Competition Matches
Date Match Score H.T. Venue Att.
03-Oct-1962 England 1 France 1 [0-1] Hillsborough, Sheffield 35,380
27-Feb-1963 France 5 England 2 [3-0] Parc des Princes, Paris 23,986


[Still to come.]

Further Information

The UEFA website has the results, match summaries and tables for all the qualifying matchups, although its summaries do not include lineups, goalscorers or goal times.  The bare results may also be found in the Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistical Foundation Archive.  Match summaries that include goalscorers and goal times but not lineups are available from the archives of La Gazetta della Sport.  We are not aware of any website that offers complete match summaries for the 1964 preliminary competition.